46 Reasons Your child Won’t Go Pro

baseball app

Are you currently a parent of an secondary school baseball player that has dreams and aspirations of going to a D1 college or making a reputation for himself from the MLB? Unfortunately to your kid, YOU are holding him back over you understand.

A huge 46 players who’ve a parent or close relative who took part the MLB were drafted in 2015 [1]. Many of the more well-known for example Conor Biggio, the son of Hall of Famer Craig Biggio and Mariano Rivera Jr., the son of all-time saves leader Mariano Rivera.

baseball app

Are you current

Think about this: players with MLB close relatives are thrice very likely to get drafted, compared to those players without MLB relatives [2]. Why do you think that clubs draft this kind of player? As he checks these boxes:

1) Raw talent / athletic genes,

2) Top connections,

3) MLB coaching.

MLB scouts are prepared to take a risk because they know these kids develop under the right conditions. Which means your son reaches a natural DISadvantage. When you can�t control genes or connections, your son has an attempt to acquire MLB coaching.

At Coached App, our goal is always to level the playing field. Our company offers parents a can�t-miss choice of the top baseball coaches in the world. We�ve assembled a star-studded set of current Big League hitting and pitching coaches, as well as former All-Stars!

This business are essential to your ball player�s development. We�re talking Atlanta Braves hitting coach Kevin Seitzer, whose son Cameron was selected inside the 2011 draft striking .308 and 12 HRs in AA to the Rays in 2015; Mets phenom Gregg Jefferies, whose son Jake seemed to be drafted in 2015, can also be for the app. Guys like Detroit Tigers hitting coach Wally Joyner, Royals pitching coach Dave Eiland, Yankees bullpen coach Mike Harkey plus more can be obtained, too.

�The Coached App� is free to download and it is intended for both iPhone and iPad. Parents simply send video(s) of their ballplayer�s swing or pitch for their favorite coach about the app. The coach replies which has a voice narrated, frame-by-frame breakdown of the initial video, giving feedback on areas that require improvement. Players can typically expect feedback within just 3 days.

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